Volunteering Helps Others, But Also the Volunteer


We're about to talk about something a little self-centered: volunteering. Beyond the obvious societal gains, people who reach out and help others actually benefit themselves. All age groups – from high school students slowly discovering the way the world works, to retirees looking to keep their minds challenged – can reap something tangible out of giving their time to a cause, group or individual.

Volunteering also makes us more empathetic and understanding of people on a personal level. For people in long-term facilities or with a disability or hardship, it's very different to read about them, than to actually be with somebody, and you'll learn they're more like you than different.

The Volunteers at Lucy Idol Center get help as much as they help. We realize the contribution made when someone gives of their time. Our clients, appreciate the time provided by the volunteer that helps them do something which might seem so simple, but proves to be important in their life. The Volunteer gains their own unique appreciation and the positive gains which often cannot be defined clearly by words.

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