In-Service Training Day


Every day just by being at work is " on the job " training, but here at the Lucy Idol Center we embrace our in-service training days. We started our morning out with some causes, incidences and risk factors on schizoaffective disorder. This is a brain disorder that distorts the whole functionality of a person. As our morning progressed we were visited by an investigative agent from the Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD) who talked with us about the categories of Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and Client Rights. The agent also went through health and safety alert summaries and the annual abuser registry. The staff enjoyed lunch together and then went back to training. The afternoon was spent doing some experiential training methods. Experiential training is a whole body of training methods that are used to develop staff sensitivity to the different disabilities clients may have. The staff participated in role playing with the equipment that is used with our individuals. We took turns in the Liko lift, Prone Stander and wheelchairs. The staff then can realize the feeling of being transported from the wheelchairs to the changing table and then back to the wheelchairs to remind them of what most of our individuals go though in the course of their day. We all took turns on a trust walk. In this exercise each staff person is blindfolded and assisted to walk from the center to the vans and be seated as our blind individuals would be. The staff also experienced the feeling of riding on the wheelchair lift and the chair being secured in the van. In all it was a great day to come together and gain knowledge from the informational materials acquired and the "learning by doing" experiential training was a great reminder of the different perceptions individuals may have, here at the Lucy Idol Center.

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