Larry's vision for The Lucy Scouts


Lucy Scouts is an activity that allows a group of clients to learn about various topics of interest and mark different seasons or holidays. The concept was started by Larry Foley, who represented the Boy Scouts when he would come to The Lucy Idol Center and volunteer on a monthly basis to spread cheer and engage the clients in fun activities. Recent scheduling conflicts have not allowed Larry to be as involved as he was in previous years, so in keeping with Larry's vision, Lucy Scouts are moving forward to continue those activities. The group is open to anyone that wants to participate and is also an opportunity for clients to interact with other individuals they may not work with in their regular day activities. Larry’s time and talents are missed by everyone and hope his schedule will allow him to return in the future but until then, staff & clients look forward to the next Lucy Scouts experience with guidance from Sonja & Charlotte.

Do you want to be a volunteer and help, get creative, bring your talents as Larry did.

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