Volunteer Sarah is a Blessing to the Center


Sarah comes to the Center every day ready to work with our individuals. She shows a commitment and respect to each and every person in the Center that is worthy of praise.

Sarah has been a part of the Center since August 2012; she has taken training classes provided by the Center to help prepare her for working with our individuals here. She sometimes works with our individuals in a one-on-one basis using commutation boards. Sarah also works in group setting and helps to teach our individuals sign language this has been helpful for some to give them a new way to express themselves. When we go out for field trips she will gladly take part in the help of loading and unloading the vans and help those that will need assistance in getting around.

Sarah has been a rewarding asset to the Center and has been very giving of her time. She is the true meaning of what every volunteer should strive to be. Thank you Sarah from all of us here at the Center for all you do.

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