Our Farewell to our nurse, Nora Barlett

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In the Konik Room, off to the side a little to the right nestled in the corner, is an office where for twenty-two years, Nora Barlett, cared for our clients with hard work and dedication.

Nora Barlett was truly an asset to our program in that she has an excellent understanding of the physical and cognitive issues concerning persons with multiple disabilities.

Nora has experience with supervising other staff members in the completion of their duties. She trained staff in service delivery according to each individual’s Individual Service Plan (ISP), delegated nursing activities and infection control procedures. She scheduled and maintained a safety committee comprised of clients & staff that met monthly documenting committee meeting minutes, including recommendations to be reported to Administration. She reported any risks or safety concerns to the Program Director and Quality Improvement Committee.

She maintained scheduled client “group” meetings to assist clients with issues of coping, self-esteem and interpersonal relations. She provided nursing services to the clients on outings and field trips into the community and has assisted with self-care activities including feeding, dressing and wheelchair handling. She readily asks questions for clarification as needed and communicates well with all staff.

Nora participated on the Quality Improvement Committee to review integrated clinical records for each client and complete peer reviews. She participated on the Behavior Support Committee monthly and assisted in monthly reviews of behavior plans.

Nora provided nursing diagnosis/assessment - conducting and interpreting evaluations, testing, and screenings to determine the current physical & mental health status of the recipient to facilitate appropriate treatment and/or medical/nursing program development on behalf of the recipient. She worked with the supervising Psychologist and Activity Therapists to assess clients to establish strengths, needs and client desires for program development for discussion and approval by the client, their personal representatives including families, caregivers and other members of the interdisciplinary team.

Nora will be greatly missed at the Lucy Idol Center for her warmth, compassion and wonderful sense of humor. Nora was very sensitive to the needs of the individuals at the center understanding that each person has unique challenges. She followed directions well, was patient and had a very positive and caring attitude. Nora Barlett showed love and affection for our clients, without expecting anything in return. Her care was unparalleled in the noblest of all professions.

The Clients and Staff with our warmest wishes and most sincere regards truly hope only the best for your new endeavors.

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