A New Van for the Center


We acquired the 2013 Ford E-350 on August 22nd. The Ford E-Series has been sold under a number of names over the last 50 years, including the Econoline and the Club Wagon. Regardless of the name, the E-Series has been the best-selling full-size van in America for over 30 years. The E-350 is the largest, most powerful member of the E-Series. The E-350 can be configured a number of ways to better support certain tasks.

We will put this van to great use as we have started a new route for the Center. We now pick up the client’s coming out of Eire County. Our Executive Director, Tad Peck has been working hard to also negotiate a collaborative agreement with some of the local businesses. The new van would be put to use in helping to aide local businesses with the transportation of their employee’s.

Our Staff and Clients are happy to have received this new van. The van will also help with field trips and outings for our clients.

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