Building Bonds with Lubrizol 2015


Once again Lubrizol from Avon Lake has extended their generosity and community support to the Lucy Idol Center.

The efforts of the employees from Lubrizol along with the help of the other companies who gave their time and expertise have made a difference that would not be possible without them. The finances and man power to do these projects would be a huge strain on the Center so it is with overwhelming gratitude we feel blessed to have them involved.

“Lubrizol believes that the communities where we do business grant us the right to be there, and it is therefore our local responsibility to ensure that we give back. Lubrizol has long-standing commitments to those communities and believes that enhancing the qualities of life and maintaining positive relationships are the right things to do.”

“Give back” and “Building Bonds” cannot express what the teams of men and women from Lubrizol have done in one day for our Center’s facility. Fifty some employees from the company were organized into groups by the team leader Tim Blackburn and were allowed to sign up for whatever projects they wanted to participate and get involved in. People came from not only the Avon and the Wickliffe headquarters, this allowed people from the different plants to get to meet and work together. Avon Plant Manager Joe Lazevnick was the chef for the day cooking lunch for everyone. The organization and desire of these individuals to improve our facility for everyone who uses it, is truly commendable.

This started out as a project organized by Lubrizol that grew to include other businesses as well.

Kendera Construction donated their time and equipment to assist Lubrizol in many of the projects, including digging out the ground around our garden to pave so our wheelchairs have easy access to help take care of the garden. Plas Brothers Paving will be coming out to do the actual paving around the garden and seal cracks in our parking lot. Kendera also dumped a load of mulch that was used by Lubrizol to enhance the areas and walkways for our individuals.

Other individuals from Lubrizol worked on our sign out at the road cleaning and repainting the sign to make it look new again. They moved the other sign at the driveway from under the trees and landscaped around the sign. Their teams also used polyurethane on picnic tables. They recoated the brick on the facility to preserve the longevity of the building. While all this activity was taking place yet another team took all five of our vans to Vermilion to Liberty Soft Cloth Auto Wash where its owner Dave Huffman donated the water, supplies and facility for Lubrizol’s team to clean the inside and outside of the vehicles. A group also pulled equipment like walkers, wheelchairs and toilet seats out of the barn to be put together to use out in the community as well as in the Center. Some of Lubrizol’s electrician fixes the fluorescent lighting throughout the building to help with efficiency. There were those that refurbished doors. Took down old playground equipment and cut up trees that had fallen over the spring.

Ohio Rental and Supply along with Rockwood and Flooring donated materials for some of the projects. Marv’s Carpet installed the flooring materials. Lucas Plumbing and Heating sent out employee, Steffen Bock to reset some of the toilets in two bathrooms and work on other plumbing needs, along with donating the supplies needed.

The Clients and Staff of the Lucy Idol Center give many thanks to everyone involved and wish them a safe and fun filled summer!

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