Kindest Guessers

Kylie Volak is an amazing young lady…about three years ago, during her birthday, she asked that her friends and family bring things that could be donated to the center and after said birthday her and her family brought all the presents to the center. This was an honored and proud moment for all at the Center. Kylie, family and friends have now made this an annual event…with even some of the family donating on their birthdays. This year was no different Kylie’s birthday can and went and so did her mother’s birthday and then a visit to the Center. All the goodies from both birthdays have been giving to the Center. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible and a special thank you to Kylie for the blessings you have bestowed over the years in continuing to help support our mission. May many blessings be returned to you and your family and friends for your kindest guessers of giving.

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